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Concrete Removal

Collier County Demolition & Concrete Crushing Services


Concrete is an extremely tough and durable material. While these properties make it an excellent choice of material for many construction projects, they can also create an issue when you need to demolish a concrete structure and remove the concrete material. Since it is such a tough material you need a specialized concrete crushing and removal company to dispose of old concrete.

Additionally if you have old concrete at your residence you need to dispose of, instead of trying to carry out this back-breaking work yourself, turn to the professionals at Wreck-It Demolition to safely and cost-effectively remove old concrete.

With decades of experience, industry knowledge and a commitment to safety, Wreck-It Demolition can help you with your concrete cutting and removal projects of all sizes. After concrete is broken down, you will usually need to remove the debris in order to proceed to the next stage of your project.

As with concrete cutting the size and scope of the job determines exactly which tools are needed to successfully complete the task.  A small residential project may require no more than a wheelbarrow and a pick up truck to haul the debris away. However, due to the proportionally high weight of concrete, even a small to medium sized home project can easily exceed your resources.

Why Choose Wreck-It Demolition As Your Concrete Removal Company?

On a construction project, removing concrete efficiently is essential. Even on single structure projects the amount of concrete which must be crushed and hauled away can easily exceed multiple tons. On larger scale projects involving multiple structures, or extremely large structures the efficient crushing and removal of concrete can become a massive undertaking which needs to be carried out by a professional and experienced concrete crushing and removal contractor.

Like concrete crushing, concrete removal might appear to be a relatively straightforward task. Loading concrete into a truck and hauling it away seems relatively simple. Despite this seemingly simple task, the safety concerns of concrete crushing also apply to the concrete removal process. Unless you have the know-how and experience to operate the required machinery, it can create a safety hazard to your jobsite.

…At Wreck-It Demolition, we have over 20 years of experience in the concrete crushing and removal business. We have the experience and specific tools required to get the job done on-time.
When you work with Wreck-It Demolition your trusted Naples, FL concrete removal company, we guarantee the  following best concrete removal practices:
  • A full and complete understanding of your concrete removal project: We will discuss your concrete removal project in detail to ensure your objectives and deadlines are met. 
  • A plan for your concrete removal project’s exact needs: We provide comprehensive concrete crushing and removal services. No matter if your concrete removal project is large or small we guarantee our plan will maximize productivity, enhance safety, and guarantee efficiency.  We will create a logistical plan that  gets your site clear of your concrete debris as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
  • Safe, efficient and methodical work ethics: Every step of the concrete removal process is thought out.  With our plan as a roadmap, we’ll provide the specialized equipment needed to ensure a safe and efficient process. Our team of experts will then complete the process by hauling your  waste materials to a designated site or facility. Each step of the way, we follow the best practices that help prevent any potential hazards.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

At Wreck-It Demolition we know first-hand how important the right tools and equipment are to complete a job safely and efficiently. Safety is our top priority and is one of the main factors in your concrete removal project. Our excellent safety record, ongoing training, investment in the latest state-of-the art equipment, and our investment in our workforce ensures we stay ahead of the competition. Trust us, the concrete removal specialists with your next commercial or residential project.

Our Concrete Services

  • Concrete removal
  • Concrete recycling
  • Concrete crushing  
  • Concrete disposal


  • Experience:  With over 20 years experience in the concrete removal industry, we have successfully completed the concrete removal of many projects from large scale contracts including malls and automobile dealerships to smaller residential concrete removal projects.  We are a licensed and insured Florida contractor. 
  • Comprehensive concrete crushing & removal services: Our years of experience and expertise ensures your concrete removal project will be completed on time and on budget.
  • Safety is top priority: Safety is the utmost of importance in our industry and our excellent safety record speaks volumes.
  • We invest in our own equipment: We invest in our own state-of-the-art equipment giving us an edge over our competitors, and offer a wide range of concrete crushing and removal services throughout Collier and Lee counties.



Compliant with state and federal regulations

Licensed and insured professionals

Highly-trained  teams

Flexible appointments based on your schedule

Family owned and operated

Whether your concrete crushing and removal project requires a small team or a large crew operating a fleet of vehicles, you can guarantee we will be prepared with a detailed plan and the very best state-of-the-art equipment. Our cost-effective pricing, makes it practical to add our concrete removal services to most project’s budget. Call us today for your commercial or residential quote.