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Removing Tile Flooring Without The Backache!

Removing Tile Flooring

The Easy Way!

Residential Floor Removal

If you need to remove unwanted tile flooring the old fashioned way you are probably aware that it can be a particularly tedious and arduous task!

Tile removal is a labor-intensive project and in order to do it successfully yourself you will need some basic tools: a floor scraper, chisel, hammer and a drop sheet to collect the dust.

Since tile removal can generate a lot of dust we recommend you cover your air vents to prevent dust getting into your A/C system. 

Trust The Tile Removal Professional’s

Our tile removal process is simple, efficient and straightforward. Here’s what’s involved:

  • Baseboards and Trim – First, our team will carefully remove any trim, baseboards, appliances, built-in cabinetry and any other obstacles in the way. We will ensure they are removed with due care, entailing they can be easily reinstalled once your new flooring is in place. 
  • Tile – Next, with the floor area totally free of any restrictions, it’s time to remove the old tile flooring. Our easy tile removal process helps contain the dust which eliminates a lot of the mess as opposed to removing the tile flooring yourself. After the tile is removed we will remove and dispose of the old tile.
  • Underlayment – The next layer that needs to be removed in the tile removal process is the underlayment. The underlayment is probably cement, backer board or plywood depending on your home’s construction. Bear in mind before you install any new flooring the underlayment will need to be replaced. 
  • Subfloor – The subfloor is beneath the underlayment and must be completely cleaned before any type of new flooring can be installed. It is vital that the subfloor is flat, smooth and totally free of debris to ensure a level and even finished floor.
Tile Removal

Although you may feel comfortable removing tile flooring yourself, there’s an easier and better choice – call Wreck-It Demolition today to help with your tile floor removal. Our cutting edge machinery will remove old tiling quickly and painlessly, and in addition we will protect your sub-flooring. Our tile removal process is clean, fast and efficient ensuring you protect your home at the same time.

Once all these steps are complete you can get your flooring contractor to install your new floors. Although it is not a complicated process, removing tile is labor-intensive if you are attempting to do it yourself.

Save yourself the backache and call the floor removal experts at 954-464-8311 – our cutting edge machinery makes the tile removal process simple and stress-free!

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