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Demoltition & Crush Concrete

Concrete crushing is a process in which we crush concrete into gravel that can then be reused or recycled. Before our SW Florida based demolition experts can crush concrete, they will demolish the structure utilizing our cutting-edge equipment.  Removing the entire structure is referred to as structural demolition in the demolition industry. Wreck-It Demolition has all the latest equipment in order to complete your concrete crushing and structural demolition projects.


Structural demolition is the process of using different methods and equipment to demolish or dismantle an existing building in order to make way for new construction. The majority of buildings are built utilizing either structural steel framing, and or structural concrete construction. Wreck-It Demolition specializes in providing structural demolition services on time and on budget.

Structural Demolition
Roll-Off Dumpster Services

We offer roll-off dumpster services through our company Discount Dumpster Services. Discount Dumpster is a professional and trusted dumpster rental company servicing SW Florida’s Lee and Collier counties. Our fast and friendly service offers dumpster rental services for residential and commercial cleanup. We offer same-day service, competitive pricing and a personalized service which is second-to-none.


The concrete removal process is a simple, straightforward process – but only if you know how to do it right. Breaking up concrete yourself can save you a bunch of money, but it can also be extremely time consuming and not to mention its backbreaking work! If you’re hiring a contractor to pour new concrete, handling the demolition yourself might actually wind up costing you more in disposal fees. We are equipped with all the latest concrete removal equipment and machinery to professionally and expertly remove your old concrete.

Concrete Removal
Selective Demolition

Selective demolition entails the removal of specific interior or exterior portions of a structure, while leaving other selected areas of the building intact. When a building is structurally sound but a full interior renovation is desired, selective demolition is an alternative to completely tearing a building down through structural demolition.


We specialize in floor removal and hardwood floor removal utilizing our state of the art equipment for floor tile removal, hardwood floor removal, underlayment, and virtually all other types of flooring material currently available. Our expert tile removal process is exceptionally fast and efficient to ensure your floor removal project is completed on time, with no hassle.

Floor Removal